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Introducing the blog and 3rd site redesign

06 May 2021 - faintshadows

Hi! faint here, I'm retiring my 2.0 redesign project to make way for the 3.0. I never did complete the 2.0, I instead found this as the better solution. This site is now built with Jekyll! Very modern. Yet static, Jekyll runs only on my development machine, and all that gets pushed to the webserver are static pages. Jekyll lets you take Markdown and transform it into these static pages, with special integrations for blog posts and such. Since markdown is readable in plaintext, I will just provide links to the .md files for those who want the plaintext reading experience. I'd like a way to be able to have that page also dynamically generated, but I haven't figured it out just yet.

The first few blog posts, rewrites of the old docs, will all have the same date, today's (6-5-21) (that's D/M/Y). I thought about using the original dates (if I knew them), but that would put this post in the middle, not the first. So I'll just bunch them all together. Technically I rewrote them anyways…

This Jekyll theme, called "no-style-please", I picked beacuse I think it'll give the most basic, and more importantly consistent, theme to fulfill my goal of having my website able to be read anywhere. I've since modified it to match my previous site's design, as I liked that and plan to keep it.

On my PowerBook 520c, using Netscape 3, everything renders almost perfectly, except for the apostrophe, which is some unicode garbage. Ah well, a situation where pulling down the Markdown file as plaintext will be beneficial. Can't win 'em all.