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Setting up Xnest

06 May 2021 - faintshadows

Xnest for Solaris machines

Real easy from what I have experienced. Remote X11, how can you say no to that!

Note: this really only worked on my Gentoo desktop, my MacBook with XQuartz and my iMac G5 with the X11 packages installed wouldn't connect to my Solaris 8 install for whatever reason.

But from a terminal, just run

Xnest :1 -query <IP> -geometry <W>x<H> -fp tcp,<ip>:7100

where IP is the IP of the Solaris machine you're connecting to. and W, H, are the X and Y values of the window you're wanting to use, for Solaris and CDE I'd recommend 1280x1024.

You can trim this from what I can tell just to

Xnest :1 -query <IP> -geometry <W>x<H>

If I figure out why it won't work on Apple's X servers, I'll update this file with the details.

~faint @ faintshadows.xyz