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The Fujitsu Lifebook P1120

The laptop itself.
Here he is, so tiny

At the time of writing, 13/09/2020, this is my most recent acquisition. It was cheap, and it was cool. It uses a Transmeta Crusoe, instead of some Intel or AMD chip. It was going to be fun, so I thought. Little did I know I was in for a week's worth of hell. Now that it is in (almost) fully working order, this page is for talking about what it IS, not what it was like to get it working.

Someone in a vintage tech group I'm in has one of these and I was fascinated by the processor. x86, but NOT from AMD or Intel?? And it's not even x86 in silicon, it EMULATES x86! I just had to get it, it was too interesting to pass up. How Transmeta did their CPUs is a damn interesting concept, one that I am not at all qualified to talk about but you can find good information online.

These images are scaled down by a factor of 10 from their original source image, just to make them fit nicely on my website (and not slow down the loading times any more than needed).

The specs of this little machine aren't great, but I believe when this came out it was fair.

Screenshot showing neofetch on Gentoo Close up of previous image
Booted into Gentoo, with the obligatory neofetch
Windows 2000 Desktop Windows 2000 System Info
And Windows 2000 as well.
The motherboard the 'cooler'
The insides, showing the mainboard and the (ineffective) cooler.