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The PowerBook G3 Kanga

Apple's shortest lived product and an absolute chonker

I never got this to work. It only powered on a handful of times, and hasn't for years. I got this back in 2017, my first time at the Vintage Computer Festival: Southeast. I believe the issue is the PRAM battery is dead and I never got around to getting a replacement one, because I wasn't sure if that would fix it or if it would be a waste of money, more than just getting this already was.

The Kanga is basically a PowerBook 3400 but with a G3 inside it. It also is the only G3 to not be able to run OS X at all, topping out at OS 9.1.

The battery got crushed at some point, but only that edge got damaged the rest is fine, but it doesn't really keep a charge best I can tell.