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The PowerBook 520c

This is one of the Macs I got from Vintage Computer Festival: Southeast, in 2018. I got 3 that time, from a great dude who had a u-haul full of tons of Mac stuff. I wish I could've gotten more (at the time) but I didn't have space to bring it all back and all things considered, unless they were late PPC I wouldn't use them. None of the Macs I got then were late PPC, and this PowerBook is 68k.

Speaking of:

My primary use for this laptop is just to act as a LocalTalk Bridge so I can connect to my Classic II or Macintosh Plus to EtherTalk, or "modern" AppleTalk. But since I don't use those anymore this just sits around. The CPU has been upgraded from a 25MHz 68LC040 to a 33MHz, which was in the PowerBook 540c. The difference between the 520 and 540c seem to be CPU speed and the 540 has an active matrix display. The screen on the 520c is the awful passive matrix LCD.