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Here you'll find the software that I haven't found elsewhere, and want to preserve it for others.

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection - for PowerPC Macintoshes.

This is my own personal built version of Puzzles, using the latest commit that supported PowerPC Macs.

It's from 2012, but I don't think much has changed since then.

This is a Universal Binary (the old kind, not the "New" one Apple put out for the ARM transition.

So this will not only run on PowerPC macs, but also i386 ones.


SoftPC/SoftAT, from Insignia Solutions.

A IBM PC / IBM AT emulator for the Macintosh. It emulates an 80286 (80287 function available if your Mac has a Motorola FPU)

and 640k base RAM. If you allow the program to use more memory (in its Get Info panel), you can give it as much Extended RAM as you'd like.

Supports up to 30MB drives, comes with MS-DOS 3.3, uses the Mac's serial ports as COM1-2, supports printing,

shared drives between the Mac and emulated PC, comes with the MSCDEX CD-ROM driver.

Requires a Macintosh Plus or higher; 2MB RAM (4MB if using System 7), 2MB of hard drive space. For loading PC software, a SuperDrive (or other suitable drive) is required.

Disk images are packaged in Disk Copy 4 format (though the image that's in the Stuffit file is a newer Disk Copy version)

SoftPC & SoftAT.img.sit

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