How to save money with quality essential oils

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on November 26, 2019
How to save money and buy quality essential oils

For many of us who rely on the natural and powerful effects that essential oils provide can find ourselves having to choose between quality and cost when it comes to replenishing our favorite oils and trying new ones as well.

Five Money Saving Tips for Essential Oil Enthusiast

  1. Don’t over use your favorite essential oils.
  2. Make sure you are diluting or cutting your 100% pure essential oils with carrier oils such as Coconut oil.
  3. Ensure you are investing in high quality, 100% pure essential oils.
  4. Join a reputable  wholesale essential oil program
  5. Get reward points on the products your purchase.

Essential Oil Tips Explained

  1. Overuse: Did you know that we can build up a tolerance to essential oils?
    Kinda of a bummer right? But it makes sense. Essential Oils are potent and some people can have a reaction to overuse.
  2. Carrier oils come from vegetables, usually from nuts or plant seeds and consists mainly of fatty acids.
  3. As essential oils are becoming more popular and in demand, you will notice products popping up at Target, Walmart, Grocery stores, online, and yes, even gas stations. Whether you apply essential oils topically, in a diffuser, or ingest them, the last thing you want to do is let impurities and cheap, sometimes harmful, fillers get in your blood stream.
  4. Wholesale memberships are not for everyone. But if you depend on essential oils, it is a wise choice.
  5. Who doesn’t like getting reward points for buying products that you depend on?

Below are some helpful articles that are relevant:










Essential oils are great additions to the home, but those bottles can come with sticker shock. Here are 4 easy ways to start saving money on essential oils. Saving Money on Essential Oils: 4 Easy Steps | The Humbled Homemaker


Try a value pack.
Consider a rewards program. your oils last as long as you can.
Be choosy about the oils you purchase.
Don’t be tempted to get too many accessories.
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Using essential oils can SAVE money by not having to buy things like cleaning supplies or personal care items. Even making one thing makes a difference!

You don’t have to buy from Young Living if you don’t want to, but essential oils are powerful and potent, so make sure that whoever you buy your oils from is a reputable company that controls the entire growing process.

Psst! I called 15 of the most popular essential oil companies and asked if I could tour their farms. 14 companies said no because they couldn’t tell me where their oils were grown. read more at


When used in addition to vitamins/probiotics and a healthy diet, I find that using essential oils with my family has helped support our overall health which results in fewer doctor visits. They also seem to help improve our moods. No, essential oils aren’t medicine. No, they aren’t the be all to end all. However, they can help support your body and body systems to do what they were supposed to do even better! Read more…

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